Beam source

Microfocus X-ray tube:

  • X-ray tube max. voltage
45 kV
  • X-ray tube max. power
500 W
  • anode material
Mo, other by request

Polycapillary lens for x-ray beamforming with a variable size of the beam

  • X-ray beam diameter

30 - 1 000 μm

Set of primary beam filters

Zr, Ti, Mo, Ag, Al, Cu, Cl

Optical study

Optical digital microscope:

  • max. zoom


Sample positioning and mapping

Video camera to select the area of analysis

Optical microscope combined with the axis of the X-ray probe to control the area of analysis

Sample and probe moving system:

  • automated system for the working distance selection
  • analytical unit moving along Z-axis
Z positioning accuracy
12 μm
  • an automated stage for XY object positioning and scanning over a user-defined sample area
XY positioning accuracy

10 μm
  • max. scan area
150x150 mm
  • sample max. size
300х210х100 mm
  • sample max. weight
1 kg

X-ray fluorescence analysis

Energy-dispersive semiconductor detector for local elemental analysis:

  • silicon drift detector (SDD)

  • an energy resolution of the detector on the Mn line Kα
<150 eV
  • spectral range
1 - 40 keV
  • max. counting rate
1 000 000 cps
  • concentration range
from 1 ppm to 100%

 Point detector of transmitted through the sample radiation for radiographic studies (optionally CCD detector)

Analytical unit

Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Size (W x D x H)

615 x 665 x 650 mm


85 kg

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