November 5, 2018

analytica China 2018, October 31-November 2, 2018, Shanghai


Analytica China is China's leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology, and diagnostics.

This year event broke the records of the previous one that took place in 2016: 950 leading exhibitors (+12% compared to 2016) from 26 countries with over 1,000 novel products within an exhibition area of 46,000 m2; 31,000 professional instrument users, scientists and researchers (+25.5% compared to 2016) visited the show.

For Ostec it was a wonderful opportunity to remind of and introduce its products (OMOS 1000, IMOS, NIOS, AVOS were shown at the fair) to Chinese colleagues. This event definitely put confidence in the importance of existing and new relations development. The Chinese market is undoubtedly very much interested in Ostec products.

Ostec feels obliged to thank D&C Instrument (Beijing) Technology Company, that was more than hospitable and helpful (Ostec believes in great joint results in the future), Brain Scientific Instruments Ltd. and many other colleagues, that made this trade fair an unforgettable experience for Ostec.

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