Double Dispersion Monochromator-Spectrograph MSDDO1000 series is designed around the modified Cherny-Turner configuration with the two-level arrangement of optical components to allow dispersion doubling.
With a relatively small size, the monochromator-spectrograph MSDDO1000 series ensures the high resolution typical of instruments with a focal length of 1000 mm.

Model MSDDO1002i and model MSDDO1004i  have the astigmatism-corrected optics what makes these devices applicable in multi-channel spectroscopy.

Two pairs of automated of gratings turret (model MSDDO1004 and model MSDDO1004i ) provides a fast switching of gratings with high repeatability of the set wavelength.

In model MSDDO1001 and model MSDDO1001i a single pair of gratings position holder is used for easy manual switching of gratings.
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