Monochromator-spectrographs MSO520 series have a unique combination of high-intensity, accuracy and spectral resolution. 
Large angle of the grating rotation allows to use Echelle grating, providing extremely high spectral resolution (up to 0.002 nm), as well as extended operating wavelength range for the other gratings.
MSO520 are completely automated spectral devices with focal length of 520 mm and F-number of 5.4.

Model MSO5201i and model MSO5204i  have the astigmatism-corrected optics what makes these devices applicable in multichannel spectroscopy.

Automated four-grating turret (model MSO5204 and model MSO5204i ) provides a fast switching of gratings with high repeatability of the set wavelength.

In model MSO5201 and model MSO5201i a single-position holder is used for easy manual switching of gratings.
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