Monochromator-spectrographs MSO200

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Monochromator-spectrographs MSO200 series are general-purpose spectral instruments that can be used as monochromators or spectrographs with a large flat focal field. They are completely automated spectral devices with a focal length of 200 mm and F-number of  3.6.

Model MSO2001i and model MSO2004i  have astigmatism-corrected optics what makes these devices applicable in multi-channel spectroscopy.

In model MSO2001 and model MSO2001i a single-position holder is used for easy manual switching of gratings.

Automated four-grating turret (model MSO2004 and model MSO2004i ) provides fast switching of gratings with high repeatability of the set wavelength.


Optical system

 Optical scheme

Cherny–Turner (astigmatism–compensated in models MSO2001i and MSO2004i)


1 input, 2 outputs

 Wavelength range

185 nm – 60 μm

 F-number (entrance)


 Focal length (output)

200 mm

 Scanning range (limited by grating rotation angle)

0 – 1300 nm (grating 1200 l/mm)

 Basic mirrors


 Stray light

3 х 10-5 (20 nm from laser line 632.8 nm)

 Focal plane

26 х 10 mm


 Horizontal magnification


 Vertical magnification

1.48 (for the astigmatism-compensated models: MSO2001i, MSO2004i)

 Vertical spatial resolution

< 40 μm


 Motor type

micro stepper




1.6 arc seconds


± 1 step

 Max. speed

10 000 steps/s


Number of ports

1 input, 1 or 2 output 
 Output switching repeatability

± 0.03 nm

 Port switching time

5 s

Optics (for grating 1200 l/mm, slit width 15µm, wavelength 546 nm)

 Reciprocal dispersion

4.12 nm/mm

 Spectral resolution:

  • PMT (slit width 10 µm)

0.11 nm

  • Digital cameras (12 µm pixel)

0.12 nm


± 0.036 nm

 Wavelength accuracy

± 0.07 nm

 Average scanning step

0.012 nm



40 х 40 х 6 mm


About the center of grating working surface


1. Automated 4-grating turret (models MSO2004, MSO2004i)

2. Positioner for 1 manually changeable grating (models MSO2001, MSO2001i)

 Grating repeatability for the automated 4-grating turret (models MSO2004, MSO2004i):
  • wavelength (grating 1200 l/mm)

± 0.03 nm

  • vertical image

± 40 μm

 Grating repeatability for 1 manually changeable grating holder (models MSO2001, MSO2001i):  
  • wavelength (grating 1200 l/mm)

± 0.05 nm

  • vertical image

± 40 μm



On-board CPU



 External interface


Dimensions and weight

 Overall sizes (L х W х H)

300 х 200 х 160 mm


9 kg (standard configuration)

All characteristics were measured for grating 1200 l/mm, slit width 15µm, wavelength 546 nm.
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