Spectral range  6 000 - 600 cm-1 (for MCT detector with liquid nitrogen 
Resolution    0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 cm-1   
Minimal linear sample dimension  5 μm for IR М3 
10 μm for IR М2   
Sample stage control  Manual for IR М2 
Automatic for IR М3 
Range: 40x40 mm 
Step: 2.5 μm  
Aperture blades  Transparent glass
Spectra registration modes  Transmission,  reflection (e.g. with double sample transmission), 
attenuation total  reflection (with ATR  lens)   
RMS (signal-to-noise ratio)  > 12 000 (with IR microscope IR Mx, measurement time 
1 min, resolution 4 cm-1, range 2 000 - 2 200 cm-1 and liquid 
nitrogen cooled MCT detector)
> 40 000 (standalone Fourier spectrometer) 
Typical spectra registration time  10 - 60 sec 

IR lens
visual lenses
IR ATR lens
total with binocular
total with 2 MPix video camera

4x and 10x (included for IR М3 set, optional for IR М2)
36x or 60x (included for IR М3 set, optional for IR М2)

Number of Cassegrain lenses in the optical system  3 (without optional ATR lens) 
Photodetectors installed  in  the microscope  Cooled MCT detector (working time with 200 ml of nitrogen > 6 hours)
Aircooled pyroelectrical detector
Visible light source  High intensity LED  
Video camera  Integrated, 2 MPx, USB  
Weight and dimensions of FTIR spectrometer IROS 01  ≤16 kg,  560x320x200 mm    
Weight and dimensions of IR microscope IROS М2  ≤16 kg,  330x200x580 mm     
Weight and dimensions of IR microscope IROS М3  ≤17 kg,  330x200x580 mm 

IR Mx microscopes are available as part of the spectroscopy system or can be single shipped and installed on standalone IROS 03 spectrometers.